Founding principles

A lack of affordable, dependable transportation is often the primary barrier to a person getting and keeping a good job. Way to Go was founded to provide a mechanism to get good used vehicles donated to persons trying to become more self-sufficient. The coalition can also assist with urgent vehicle repairs, insurance payments, DMV and local decal vehicle fees, monthly payments, gasoline vouchers, or other urgent problems that may interrupt employment if not addressed.

We can use one of several methods to obtain vehicles if a family does not currently own one. The option used depends upon eligibility for particular programs and a family’s ability to make car payments. Financing is available at a reasonable rate for persons referred by our coalition.

Having an operable vehicle not only gets the breadwinner to work, but it also provides a more normal lifestyle for the entire family and helps them become more independent and involved in the community.

Please explore our website to see if Way to Go is right for you or your client!