About Way to Go:

Mission: To empower low-income, working households in Harrisonburg-Rockingham to improve their quality of life by assisting them with their transportation needs.

Way to Go is a 501-c-3 nonprofit organization that began services in July 2005. In our vision for our community, no low-income working family’s employment opportunities will be compromised by a lack of affordable, dependable, legal, and safe transportation. Without this, these families struggle each day to reach the job or training that could bring them economic security. Way to Go is committed to helping families in our community become more self-sufficient and financially independent by assisting them with urgent vehicle transportation needs.

One in three households in Harrisonburg and one in five households in Rockingham County have incomes below $25,000, which is the federal poverty level for a family of four. It is not surprising that households with incomes below $25,000 are nine times more likely to be without a car than households within above $25,000. Working families, and those that want to be working and self-sufficient, understand the role a reliable car can play in their lives and how it will allow them to improve their situation.
The benefits of vehicle ownership include:
  • Job retention and tenure in jobs (solidify position in workforce)
  • Reduction in tardiness and absenteeism
  • Higher earnings and increased hours worked
  • Car owners have higher employment rates and shorter unemployment spells
  • Access to other goods and services
  • More time for other activities
  • Improved response to emergences (household crises)
  • Reduced public subsidies (reduction in reliance on the state among welfare recipients)
  • Positive correlations between car ownership and employment opportunities which leads to enhanced economic outcomes
  • Better access to health care
  • Ability to maintain social relationships
  • Better able to manage work/life responsibilities in general

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