About Way to Go:

In our vision for our community, no low-income working family’s employment opportunities will be compromised by a lack of affordable, dependable, legal, and safe transportation. Without this, these families struggle each day to reach the job or training that could bring them economic security. Coalition members are committed to helping families in our community become more self-sufficient by assisting them with urgent vehicle transportation needs.

Recipients for donated or assisted-purchase vehicles are nominated at monthly coalition meetings and selected by consensus. Primary consideration is given to persons who have good work records and the potential for long-term employment.

When families already own a vehicle, our coalition can assist them with a wide range of services including repairs, insurance, gas and other types of urgently needed assistance.

To learn more about the services we provide please see our Services Page.

To learn more about the Way to Go, Inc. organization please see our Organizational Information Page or watch a video produced by the United Way of Harrisonburg-Rockingham featuring Way go Go.