Let Way to Go Help You!

We provide several services to assist low-income, working families with their vehicle transportation needs. All clients served fall below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. In order to receive services, clients must meet the following requirements:

  • reside in either the City of Harrisonburg or Rockingham County;
  • employed or have a verifiable job offer; and
  • recommendation by a community organization or agency familiar with the family’s needs, resources, and work history.

Specific services provided include:Layman's Technician

  • providing a donated or assisted-purchased vehicle
  • repairs, including State inspection
  • vehicle insurance payments
  • vehicle fees (DMV, City/County decals)
  • gas vouchers
  • monthly vehicle payment to bank or finance company
  • taxi trips while vehicle is in the shop
  • driving lessons in order to obtain VA driver’s license
  • other urgent needs necessary to maintain employment

Community organization/agency referral application:

  • Way to Go Referral Application (for all services, including clients seeking a vehicle)
    Community agencies and organizations referring clients to Way to Go for services must complete and return this form.Agency Referral Form_Way to Go

Vehicle acquisition applications (to be completed by referring agent and client together):

  • Vehicles for Change (for TANF-eligible clients seeking a vehicle)
    Clients who have received TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) public assistance payments within the past two years are eligible to finance a vehicle through our partners at Vehicle for Change. Clients must work with their referring agent to complete this application.
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  • WorkCars application
    In partnership with Farmers & Merchant Bank, the WorkCars program provides Way to Go-approved clients with bank-rate vehicle financing. In addition to the eligibility requirements listed above, clients must show a strong work record and sufficient monthly budget to qualify for this program.Clients must work with their referring agent to complete this application.
    WorkCars Client Application_Way to Go
  • Donated Vehicle application
    Clients in need of a vehicle who do not qualify for our WorkCars program can apply for a donated vehicle. Donated vehicles, provided by members of our community, are awarded to Way to Go-approved clients at no cost. Clients must work with their referring agent to complete this application. Way to Go_Donated Vehicle Program Application