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Moving Forward

Vehicle Donations

Way to Go accepts in-kind donations of used motor vehicles from citizens and business owners. These vehicles are refurbished by Way to Go, and then awarded to a low-income worker in need of reliable transportation. Follow these simple steps below to donate your vehicle to Way to Go:

Review IRS Regulations as they relate to contributions of Motor Vehicles.

All donated vehicles are assessed by a licensed and certified repair shop, which then provides Way to Go and the vehicle donor with a determination on whether the vehicle is suitable for award to a client for their use. Please note the two distinctions below regarding tax deduction implications for contributions of motor vehicles per IRS regulations:

a. Vehicles in operable condition that can be awarded to a client for their use qualify as tax deductible at their “fair market value.” Way to Go can invest, within reason, in repairs for donated vehicles in order to get them suitable for award to a client. Clients receiving a donated vehicle have been approved by the Way to Go Vehicle Award Committee, ensuring these individuals are meeting program requirements and working toward financial independence and self-sufficiency. After the vehicle has been processed and awarded to a client, Way to Go will remit to the donor an IRS 1098-C Form indicating contribution of a motor vehicle.

b. Vehicles unsuitable for award to a client for their use are accepted with the understanding that they will be “wholesaled” and the proceeds from the sale placed into our Donated Vehicle Program. The price for which the vehicle is “wholesaled” is the amount that qualifies as the tax deductible amount for the donor’s contribution. Vehicles with significant repair issues, such as engine or transmission problems, are typically wholesaled. After the vehicle has been wholesaled, Way to Go will remit to the donor a stewardship letter serving as tax receipt for their donation.

Complete Vehicle Donation Form

The Vehicle Donation Form enables Way to Go to title the vehicle in the organization’s name, as required by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, prior to awarding the vehicle to a client (or delivering to a wholesaler). Additionally, the information provided by the donor on this form provides Way to Go with the necessary information to process the IRS paperwork (Form 1098-C) required for a tax deductible contribution. This form is for internal purposes only.

Vehicle Donation Form

Sign Vehicle Title

Donor should execute the original vehicle title as follows. Please refer to Section A: Assignment of Title by Owner on the front page of the vehicle title:

a. Provide signature(s) of vehicle owner(s) under “Seller”
b. Please note the actual mileage of the vehicle under “Odometer Reading”
c. Place the date of donation under “Date of Sale”
d. Write “$0 – donated” next to “Sales Price”

Please do not complete any of the fields labeled “Buyer.” Way to Go office staff will complete these appropriate sections.

Sample Donor-executed Vehicle Title

Arrange Vehicle Delivery or Tow

Contact Ashley Gordon-Becker at (540) 435-3779 or to arrange delivery or tow of donated vehicle to our vendor’s repair shop for vehicle assessment. Vehicle Donation Form and Signed Title can be left with repair shop vendor/tow driver or delivered to our office at 317 S. Main Street, Harrisonburg. Be sure to remove your tags and return them to DMV prior to cancelling your auto insurance on this vehicle.

Outside the Shenandoah Area?

For individuals outside the Shenandoah Valley area, you can still donate a vehicle with Way to Go!

Way to Go has partnered with Charitable Adults Rides & Services (CARS), a national 501c3 non-profit organization, to allow donors nationwide to donate their vehicles to assist Way to Go. CARS will arrange for the free pickup of your vehicle and sell it at auction, with the proceeds directed toward Way to Go.

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